TYPOLOGY TALKS #2  -  LEARNING LANDSCAPES  -  13 October 2022   -  1 PM - 7 PM

Once again, there will be an exciting opportunity for an intensive exchange of experiences and ideas on the topic of radically changing conditions in the educational landscape and the resulting impact on architecture and the professional practice of architects.
Teaching and research in higher education are currently subject to profound social and educational change. Globalisation, digital work, rapid development of new technologies, international competitive pressure between universities and the qualities of university locations are just a few aspects that play a decisive role in this.
Our event focuses on the relationship between architecture and educational buildings. We are interested, for example, in the relationship between your architectural stance, project-specific requirements and the respective social and political conception of education.

On basis of the overriding questions we ask ourselves: 
Is there a “typological optimum” for aspects such as building organisation, internal logistics, spatial backbone, flexible structure, compactness and energy performance?
What influence do factors such as the particular ideal of social education, the context and location or the spatial and typological organisation of the objects have on their success or failure?
What influence does digitization have on the architecture of educational buildings? Do informal factors influence the design?
Is there a direct link between the idea of education and architectural expression?
And: Is there an ideal architectural or typological form for educational buildings?
We would like to specially discuss, if it is necessary to consider to improve „Learning Landscapes“ and/or if it is possible to see „Learning Landscapes“ as a field for innovation.

We are pleased to welcome our guests:

POOL Architects, Zurich

CIVIC Architects, Amsterdam

RIKEN YAMAMOTO & Field Shop, Yokohama

The event was held on 13 October 2022 at 1pm as a public event, offering the exciting opportunity for the thorough exchange of experience and ideas. Additionally the event was streamed-live on youtube.